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You want to enhance your company performance by bringing a new dynamism to your teams?

You're leader, you are responsible for Strategy, Human Resources or Communications and must face:

  • Multicultural project management difficult?
  • Strategic communication and effective multilingual?
  • A state of transformation, crisis?

Want to get your ideas in innovative ways, but have very little time to embrace change that affects your business?

  • √ Up selling
  • √ Executive summary
  • √ Milestones
  • √ Vision
  • √ Employee relations
  • √ Roadmap
  • √ Customer centric
  • √ Mind share
  • √ Holistic view
  • √ Challenge
  • √ Elevator pitch
  • √ Due dil
  • √ WIP
  • √ Mission critical
  • √ Helicopter view
  • √ Aggregate
  • √ On target
  • √ Performance management
  • √ Big picture
  • √ Wrap up
  • √ Accountability
  • √ Synergy
  • √ Impactful
  • √ Core capabilities
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As a kid, I dreamed of being on stage ... and laugh! Every opportunity was good for me to get noticed, disguise myself, to become the assistant of the magician at birthday parties!

A few years later, armed with a background as a lawyer and a linguist, I share my life between the stage and a law firm, the point virgule, the scene of the Casino of Deauville, an art gallery in Maisons Laffitte the Maison dans la Vallée in Fontainebleau ... an outdoor stage in the Dolomites ... guard rooms of doctors, private parties and cultural centers ... then the work requires my energy, so I went on stage for meetings teams, conferences and forums associations ... the executive committees are then testfields for my gags and humorous stories, to make business smoother and lighter. A convergence of these two lives, COME INC. timely for you to meet and exceed your goals for success while having a great time ... and me too!
Come Inc existe maintenant en vidéo...